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Workplace Pension Solutions

If you run a Hairdressers, Beauty Salon or a Taxi Company your requirement under the pension auto enrolment laws are not exempt and may be more complicated than you think

Hair Dressers & Beauty Salons

As the owner of a hair or beauty salon it may seem like yet another ‘thing’ you’ve got to sort out.

Yet more red tape and anyway it doesn’t apply to my business as I am exempt as all my workers are self employed

“I’ve asked my employees and they don’t want to contribute to a workplace pension scheme, so I presumably I can forget about it?”

No you can’t. Under the new law, every hair or beauty business employer must offer a qualifying pension scheme even if no-one takes it up. The National Hairdressers’ Federation (NHF) have recognised the problem and advised all of its members to act now to comply with the workplace pensions legal requirement.

If you need help to ensure your salon does not fall foul of the pension regulator [TPR] call Active Enrolment 0203 004 0601 or contact us for free help and guidance

Taxi Drivers & Taxi Companies

Bright green branded taxis have taken over major UK cities in a bid to introduce the new pension auto enrolment campaign.

Bright green taxis can be seen in Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and London, helping to raise awareness with drivers and passengers alike. The branded taxis are hard to miss in their bright green wrap of corporate colours & display a simple message of ‘Auto enrol your employees into a better pension NOW:’.

The taxis are also aimed at targeting drivers behind them with the slogan ‘Follow the pensions provider in front’, as the scheme encourages a retirement savings culture in the UK.

Our Pensions solution will support businesses in meeting their employer duties and ensure that employees are aware of the change, and appreciate the benefits the new legislation will provide. Auto Enrolment affects every business to ensure your business is compliant with the Law call 0203 004 0601 or contact us for clarity and help for free.

Make sure your business is compliant with the Workplace Pension Regulations.

It is the responsibility of the business to set up a workplace pension in accordance with the Pension Act of 2008 and offer to your workplace and auto enrol eligible workers.

If your business employs only one person you must set up a workplace pension, it’s the Law!

In accordance with the Pension Act 2008 and auto enrolment of all businesses which now applies to small micro businesses as from June 1st 2015.

Potential fines if your business is not compliant by your staging date
£400 initial, £50 per day for 4 employees and £500 per day for 5 employees.

Helping you understand about Auto Enrolment for your businessand setting up a Workplace Pension